Best Premium Porn Site - Top Paid Porn Sites list 2023

Best Premium Porn Site - Top Paid Porn Sites list 2023

Sex Toys Stores

Sex is enjoyed with a partner, but what if your partner isn’t around? Does that mean you cannot get the sexual satisfaction you crave? Well, you can if you do it correctly. We live in a world where pleasuring oneself is rampant. Many people now see masturbating with their hands as the perfect alternative to penetrative sex, but there is an even better alternative. What is the better alternative? Sex toys, that you will find Only in the best Sex Toys Stores!

Sex toys are everywhere, but there is always the challenge of getting the best sex toys. We have identified that problem and have the solution for it too. You will also discover where you can find cheap sex toys in the best Adult Shops.

What is a Sex Toy?

A sex toy is a device whose primary work is to ease human sexual pleasure. Examples of sex toys include dildos, artificial vaginas, and vibrators. 

To make the experience of using a sex toy as pleasurable as the real thing, many common sex toys are designed to look like real human genitals. In addition to the looks, some devices vibrate while others don’t.

There are different kinds of sex toys. While some are meant for personal satisfaction, others are meant to be shared. For example, there are sex toys for women alone, while there are sex toys for couples too. 

How to Use Sex Toys?

Each sex toy comes with its manual. Different sex toy equates to different sexual satisfaction. Which means their usage will differ. The way you will use a hand vibrator is not the same way you will use a dildo. 

That said, there is no one way to use adult sex toys. Take, for instance, a vibrator. There are different vibrators, such as Clitoral Suction Vibrators, Wand Vibrators, Rabbit Vibrators, etc. Each of these vibrators gives different sexual satisfaction; hence their usage differs. 

While the Wand vibrators are placed inside your underwear for clit simulation, the clitoral suction vibrators are used without underwear, making them best for masturbation.

How to make a sex toy?

There are creative ways to make devices for sexual pleasure with homemade instruments if you cannot afford sex toys. For example, a wooden spoon is a nice alternative if you need a device for spanking. However, I wouldn’t advise going for it as you wouldn’t derive the maximum sexual pleasure that comes with using sex toys.

Imagine two girls trying to fuck each other with homemade/self-made sex devices. They wouldn’t get the same sexual satisfaction as the girls that use lesbian sex toys. So, the best option is to buy sex toys from the shops on this site.

Where to buy sex toys online?

Gone are the days when getting sex toys was very hard. Nowadays, you don’t need to search for too long to get the toy you want because of the number of different shops to buy your sex toys online. These stores have sex toys, including anal sex toys, sex toys for women, etc.

So where to buy sex toys? Check out the online Sex Toys Stores shops listed below for affordable sex toys;

HoneyPlayBox, Lovehoney, Lelo, Adam & Eve, Unbound, Babeland, Sweet Vibes, and more.

A lot of these online shops make buying sex stores very easy. And they have only the best sex toys, like the best male sex toys. So if you are a guy looking for a device to help improve your sex life, visit one of the sex shops listed above to get what suits you best.

How to clean sex toys

Caring for stuff that gives you so much pleasure is only normal. This means you should learn the proper ways to clean your various sex toys, as keeping them clean make them ready for next use and also prevent STIs. 

So for basic sex toy care, you should;

  • always remove batteries from the device
  • don’t put an electric device inside the water 
  • always use a damp, soapy (antibacterial soap) to clean 
  • please keep them in a pouch or container and then somewhere cool and dry.

To clean non-porous sex toys like glass, stainless steel, etc., you should look for the following;

  • Glass: Wash glass sex objects in warm water and soap. And make an effort to avoid subjecting the glass to very high temperatures.
  • Stainless Steel: Use warm, soapy water. If connected to electrical equipment, be careful not to submerge any electrical parts.
  • Hard Plastic:  Clean hard plastic with water and antibacterial soap. 

How to store sex toys

Before thinking of how to store your sex toys, you should make sure they are clean and kept in a dry place, as failure to keep them clean can cause device malfunction or even infection, as stated above.

That said, below are the best ways to store your sex toys properly;

  • Using cotton or polyester storage bags like Sugar Sak
  • Using a wooden storage box 
  • Using a silk or satin bag 

While also storing your sex toys, you sure ensure you;

  • store sex toys of different materials in different places 
  • remove any batteries before storing them
  • keep the charging cables and sex toys together

When is National Sex Toy Day?

Most online shops use this day to give different discounts on their product. So if you are looking for a day to get the best deals on these sex toys, target National sex toy day.

To answer the question, national sex toy day is celebrated on November 4th of every year.

Save the date and get the best deals.


Sex toys make sex sweeter, so you get only the best of these devices. Check out the stores we have listed here and buy away at very affordable prices. 

Also, keeping your toys safe is the best way to care for them. So always clean and store them properly to avoid damage or avoidable infections. is one of the Best Sex Toys Stores that you can find all type of Toys, Masturbators Machine and more..
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